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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

Team Masley Wins Epic Battle at Horseshoe Bay for Queso Cup XX Glory

In by far the best sporting event finish of the weekend (no offense Baylor and Oklahoma State), Team Masley successfully retained the Queso Cup with a win on the final hole of the final match of the final round of "The Hoedown at Horseshoe Bay". A dazed and confused Captain Masley, showered in Diet Coke by has team, said "Damn it, another year of lugging around this freakin' cup and having to get it engraved".

Congrats to everyone on Team Masley for a fine performance and well done Team Lambert for making it respectable and making it a great competition. Round by round scoring results are provided below - it was close all the way through!

More importantly than the event results, we are happy to announce that this amazingly generous group donated over $3,500 to this year charity partners - Wonders & Worries and Adoptions Together. We are thrilled and blessed with the generosity of this group and can't thank you enough for your commitment to our causes. If you haven't had an opportunity to contribute, there is still time, simply connect with Masley or Lambert and we'll get your donation into the hopper.

Round 1

Team Masley 5.5

Team Lambert 5.5

Round 2

Team Masley 5.0

Team Lambert 6.0

Round 3

Team Masley 1.0

Team Lambert 0.0

Round 4

Team Masley 6.0

Team Lambert 5.0


Team Masley 17.5

Team Lambert 16.5

Team Masley retains the Queso Cup in QCup XX.

2020 Queso Cup In The Books - Team Masley Rides The Rhino to VictoryClick Here to Add a Title

With the universe hell bent on kicking our collective butts at every turn, The Queso Cup found a lost forest in northern Michigan to celebrate year 19 of the vaunted event. With our numbers a little down from prior years (30 brave souls this year), The battle for the Cup (or Cup components given that United Airlines provided free cup deconstruction services for Masley on the way North), was on.

Team Masley took a 5-3 lead after Friday afternoon's opening round and Saturday morning was played to a 4-4 draw making the cumulative score a competitive 9-7 at lunch time on Saturday. The Saturday afternoon scramble, typically the turning point for the event, did not relinquish its importance as Team Masley swept the top 4 spots of the event to run their point tally to an insurmountable total of 19 and, for the first time in history, closed out the Cup victory before the final round of the event.

Congrats to Mr. Masley and his team for the impressive victory in Queso Cup XIX.

With the victory, Team Lambert and Team Masley now each own 6 team victories since the R&A modified our annual competition model to the Ryder Cup format. It is fitting that Queso Cup XX in 2021 will serve to break the tie.

In more important news, all in, Queso Cup 2020 raised $5,376 in total, meaning a contribution of $2,688 each to our two fantastic charity partners this year - Brightstone and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. The generosity of this group is one of the many things that makes our event special and we thank everyone for your contributions.