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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

2015 Queso Cup Tournament Rules

 Rule #  

 Tournament Rules


USGA/R&A rules of golf are in effect unless otherwise noted below. This means we play everything down unless otherwise notified ahead of the tournament round (clarification-'playing it down' does not mean all shots must roll). Further rules clarifications will be provided by tournament directors prior to each round.


We will not incure any stroke and distance penalties (unless you want to hit it again and take the two strokes). All lost balls, balls in hazards and balls out of bounds can be played within two club lengths of the point at which the ball crossed into the hazard, into the OB/woods/etc. or where the ball was lost. No closer to the hole. ONE STROKE PENALTY. 


Scoring Max - No player can take more than a quadruple boogie on any one hole. Clarification - if you are on a hole where your handicap dictates you get a stroke, you must play your ball until you are five strokes over par for that hole before you pick up. 


If your partner is in for a score that is equal to or better than you have the opportunity to achieve, pick your ball up quickly, put it in your pocket and move to the next hole


Matchplay rules are in effect. Putts/holes may be conceeded at any time (you can't give yourself putts)


Gross scores should be recorded for each player on each hole. Match scoring can be recorded on a separate card if necessary.


All tournament ruling requests will be addressed following each round and where necessary will be sent to KPMG Risk Management for final ruling.

Rule Amendment 1a

If you are for whatever reason incapacitated during your afternoon round on Saturday and cannot attend dinner on Saturday night, you must give official notice to tournament management via a telephone call in which you state emphatically - "Lamb, I'm Out!"